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Cooking Tips, Recipes How to Pair: Romantic Desserts and Wine

by The Kitchen Gallery Team
We scoured the internet to find you a mix of ideas for your Valentine’s Day dessert menu and what wines to pair with them! (Don’t forget to check out the links to some wonderful recipes and...

Cooking Tips, Recipes A Quick and Easy Holiday Menu!

by The Kitchen Gallery Team
Only 1 week until Christmas is upon us and that means there’s only a week left to figure out our holiday menus!!! Don’t fret, though, the Kitchen Gallery team has come up with a last-minute...

Cooking Tips, Recipes Post Thanksgiving got you in a pickle?

by The Kitchen Gallery Team
I love quiche however, I often forget how much I truly enjoy it until I make it for a family gatherings that I remembered my absolute love of quiche.  The last time I made quiche I found out this Amazing...

Cleaning and Care Keep Your Tools Looking—and Working—Like New

by Kayla
We believe that the items in your kitchen should last for a long time.  When you know how to best care for your cookware and utensils, you can keep them looking and working like new for decades! Copper...

Cooking Tips, Recipes Time for a picnic

by Bowen Close
These warm, long evenings and bright weekend afternoons call for picnics! Between Concerts on the Square and Madison’s many beautiful parks and outdoor spaces, there are plenty of chances to get...

Cooking Tips, Recipes It’s asparagus season!

by Bowen Close
We hesitated to say anything until we knew for sure (no need to cause a run on the markets!), but there’s no denying it – spring is here, and so is asparagus! We’re faced with a bounty...
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