We’re passionate about what goes on in the kitchen, whether we’re actually in a kitchen or not. Our idea of a juicy bedtime read is a dazzlingly well-photographed cookbook.

The Kitchen Gallery Madison, WI Storefront

Cooking Is An Experience

At the Kitchen Gallery, we see cooking as an experience. Not only does it bring people together and foster relationships in a way that few other things on the planet can, but it’s also a channel for self-expression. The preparation of food is an art, which means it carries the same layers of complexity and opportunities for self-discovery as any other art form.

You know what else we like about cooking? Accessibility and universality. Everybody eats and anyone can cook. (Yes, anyone!) We’re on a mission to bring long-lasting, quality cookware into every home and to nurture positive cooking experiences in every kitchen.

We love to share our knowledge and joy of cooking! Let us help you realize your culinary visions. Come on in … let’s talk cooking! We can’t wait to meet you.


  • Katrina

    Katrina is the owner of the Kitchen Gallery. In her past life, she worked as a chef’s assistant at a busy recreational cooking school in DC. Katrina loves any and all cooking, but she’s particularly fond of preserving foods, baking bread, and preparing Asian or Italian fare. At home, she and her husband, Matt, have a little scamp of a boy, Theodore, and Schrodinger, an adorable Maine Coon cat.
  • Terri

    Terri is a recent transplant to Madison following over 40 years of coastal living split between Brooklyn and Seattle. She received a can opener and a copy of Julia Child’s The French Chef Cookbook as a wedding present 45 years ago and hasn’t looked back since—her collection now includes over 2000 cookbooks (and only four can openers). She sees working at The Kitchen Gallery as the perfect “retirement” job!
  • Emma

    Emma has recently moved to Madison from New Mexico, bringing with her two furry feline friends Maibel and Bismark but leaving behind some favorite spicy foods. Baking is her comfort zone and on any given day she is probably in the middle of tackling multiple baking projects. She could eat pumpkin pie every single day if she could fit that much pumpkin puree in her freezer.
  • Carrie

    Carrie has been living in Madison for about 5 years and is loving the beer and cheese lifestyle!

    Helping her Mom and Nana in the kitchen at a young age, Carrie found her passion for both baking and cooking. Trying new recipes, making dinner with her significant other, and baking treats to share with friends & family are all things that brighten Carrie's day. When she's not working at The Kitchen Gallery, she enjoys trying new restaurants, traveling, cuddling with her dog, and spending time with her Netflix.

  • Kelcie

    Kelcie grew up in Stoughton and moved up to Madison in 2008. She spent about eight years cooking in several different restaurants around Madison, but recently decided to get out of the kitchen and into the sun! She now works seasonally on an organic farm in Evansville. In her spare time she enjoys watching Netflix and drinking beer at home with her boyfriend, Jim, and cat, Miss Cleo. Her favorite foods are anything with noodles and anything with cheese!